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This Blog has been set up with new and not-so-new member/s in mind.  
    The aim of the Blog is to provide:
    An overview of the CWA of Victoria and Fraser Group.
    The composition of Fraser Group and the activities of different Branches in the Group.
We hope this information - in the About Us! - tab - will help new and prospective members to understand what the CWA is all about and to help not-so-new members to build on their success.
The Country Women's Association of Victoria Inc. is part of the largest women's organisation in Australia.  It is a non-party political and non-sectarian organisation for country and city women.  It aims to improve conditions by community service more especially as they affect the welfare of women and children.
Members work for the welfare of all women and children and families, through representation to all levels of government, undertaking fundraising events, providing networking opportunities and teaching life skills.  The CWA is open to ALL women.
CWA of Victoria Inc. was formed in 1928 during the Great Depression to assist vulnerable women, children, and families in need throughout the Victorian community. The current economic downturn, the loss of employment virtually overnight for so many, shows the urgent necessity that CWA continues to provide support in our local communities, and to larger causes. 
The impact of the pandemic has affected every aspect of our society, and there are so many who have suffered during the economic downturn. Many people in our community are not eligible for Government funding, in addition to those who are in insecure housing.

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