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CWA of Victoria AGM & State Conference
Williamstown Hall

Here are some photos from the event:

Our lovely delegates and supporters of Fraser Group

Alida Helleren, Fraser Group President, giving her contribution to the Conference

General Resolution on Rental Assistance for women over 55 delivered at the Conference

Good attendance at the Conference


This blog has been made with the new and not-so-new member/s in mind.  The aim of the blog is to provide you with the following:
  • An overview of the CWA of Victoria and the Fraser Group in particular.
  • What is the Fraser Group made up of and what are the different branches doing.
We hope this information - in the About Us! - tab - will help new and prospective members to understand what the CWA is all about and to help not-so-new members to build on their success.

The Country Women's Association of Victoria Inc. (Association) is part of the largest women's organisation in Australia.  It is a non-party political and non-sectarian organisation for country and city women.  It aims to improve conditions by community service more especially as they affect the welfare of women and children.

Members work for the welfare of all women and children through representation of all levels of government, undertaking fundraising events, providing networking opportunities and teaching life skills.  The CWA is open to ALL women.


CWA Donation to Servants for Community Housing to assist Homeless Women

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc., (CWA) has member Branches all over Victoria including the Melbourne metropolitan area. CWA Fraser Group includes 9 Branches in the Boroondara, Whitehorse, Monash, Yarra, Stonnington and Port Phillip local areas.  These Branches have approximately 150 members that meet regularly, hold a range of member activities, advocate on issues of concern to women, children and families and support local organisations.

In 2017 CWA chose Homelessness as the Social Issue’s theme to focus activities and raise awareness amongst CWA members and the public.  Local CWA members heard from a range of speakers at its meetings, held fundraising activities and chose local organisations to support with donations and volunteering activities.

The Servants for Community Housing, a highly respected and long established organisation, came to speak to CWA members and outlined their plans to open a women’s only housing facility to add to the housing they already offered to homeless persons.

CWA members responded by voting at a Fraser Group meeting to donate $2,000 and with offers of goods and handmade crafts for the newly established accommodation for Homeless women.

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