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Fraser Group ½ Yearly Conference, 25 August 2018

President’s Report – Theme is Co-operation, Team Work, Fun & Friendship

Quote - ‘It’s amazing what can be achieved when no-one is concerned about who gets the credit.’

The last 6 months have been very busy at all levels.

At the State level, I continue to attend State Council meetings and State Conference and forward on notices that are emailed to me and send out regular Newsletters to keep the Branches informed of Group and Branch events.

I continue to participate in the Membership Committee and was on the CWA stand at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show.

Participated as a tour Guide for the Melbourne Open House and trained up a couple of new guides – thanks to Margaret Maxwell and Elsa Gladwin.

The Women Walk the World event was organised by Fraser Group and many thanks to the Branch members who came along and helped on the day and those who made and donated food. Thanks to Sharon McNamara-Youl and her husband for being walk leaders. It was the 6thyear that the event has been held at Umina and Machelle Chrichton came along again to wish the walkers well.  We had some members from Diamond Valley Group join us this year and all the money raised goes directly to ACWW to support the United Nations Millennium projects.

Fraser Group put up the Resolution on Older Women’s Homelessness and increased rental assistance, at State Conference which was seconded by Jenny Nola, State Vice-President and was passed by the delegates at the Victorian level and also voted to go through to the CWA of A National Conference at the end of August.  We will know by the end of next week if it becomes CWA policy at the National level as well.  I felt very proud at State Council when I looked down our row and saw all our member/delegates representing their Branches.

Group Level -
Participation with Diamond Valley Group Exhibitionwas a great success for all those who took part– thanks for the assistance and participation of Group Craft attendees, to all those who put in entries and especially thanks to those who made contributions to the Fraser Group entry – Nicole Rosendale, Val Smith, Linda Heron, and Jenny Kay, which managed to win 3rdplace because of the high standard of our crafters and despite our novice status at the group entry level.  Thanks to Val Smith for sharing all her experience with us.

Jenny Kay as the Group Craft Leader and I learnt a lot about what’s involved in putting on an Exhibition from participating with the very experienced Diamond Valley members as well. Even though there were some long drives involved, especially trying to find some of the meeting places, it was worth it to gain the knowledge that will help us make an informed decision on the feasibility of Fraser being able to hold its own Exhibition.

The monthly Group Craft has been going really well and we’ve had some really fun nights and learnt new craft skills. As attendance grows the Group Craft will be able to get more skilled tutors and demonstrators and we welcome suggestions from members. (Jenny can add more detail.) Thanks to Jenny who is doing a great job organising the craft activities.

Also, I went to Glen Waverley Branch Craft Group and did a demonstration on Intarsia knitting and travelled to Tallangatta to a Community event put on by the CWA Upper Murray Group where I put up a display and demonstrated Advanced Knitting techniques to participants.

The request for Fraser members interested in forming a Catering Grouphas been taken up by Ashburton Branch. I attended a dinner meeting with members of Ashburton Branch to find a table groaning with lots of lovely food & delightful happy company and members quick to put their hands up and volunteer to work together.  Since then Christine has followed through with the Local Council and obtained the necessary permits and advice and they have had their first successful catering event which went really well and especially they all had fun working together which is the most important part.

Birthday Party Planninghas gone really well with Branch representatives coming along and contributing some great ideas and volunteering to contribute to check out venues, and make invitations, decorations and donate gifts for raffles and prizes and to bring along some music etc., all the things that will make the night a really fun event. Thanks to all the members who have attended planning meetings on behalf of your Branches.

Also, thanks to Glenda Milton for getting the ball rolling with the initial ideas which stimulated everyone’s creativity.  Thanks to Sharon MacNamarra-Youl for keeping notes at our meetings and circulating information to the Branch reps, graphic design & flyer ‘keep the date free’, and especially for her very diplomatic skills trying to negotiate a really good deal with Zest and support the trainees at the Holmesglen TAFE.

After a disappointing result there we have moved on and looked at some other venues and have now decided on one.  Thanks to everyone who has made some suggestions and some very generous offers.

Drum roll please ….. (with shades of the Sydney Olympics announcement) …. the Fraser Group 60thBirthday Party and CWA 90thwill be held …… at The Auburn Hotel.

So keep the date of 12 October in your diaries and the invitations will be coming out soon.  The Auburn Hotel is a lovely historic venue which will fit well with our theme 60 years of ‘change through the decades’ and dressing up in outfits from the different eras.  We will have a 2 course, Al la Carte menu – entrĂ©e and dinner with desert being our Birthday cake.

Attended many Branch events including - 
  • Participation with Richmond Market Day & Money for Jam
  • Olive Preserving with Port Phillip Branch
  • High Tea with Whitehorse Branch
  • (as already mentioned) Glen Waverley Branch – knitting display & talk on Intarsia knitting and its difference to Fairisle knitting.
Visited Boroondara Christmas in July dinner for more good cooking and good company. (I blame all these events as the reason I am putting on so much weight.)  The Boroondara Branch also held a cooking day which I have heard was another very successful event for the Branch. I’m sure there are others that I haven’t been able to attend and we look forward to many more to come.

Up-coming Social Activities for the Group – don’t forget to book into the preview screening of the movie ‘Ladies in Black’ if you haven’t already done so.  I hope I will not be the only person dressing up from the 1950’s era.  This is the only fundraising event for the Group and we need to get 49 people attending so that we can have a theatre all to ourselves.

Thanks to all of you for your support and especially to Vera for all her assistance (without which it would be hard to keep going some days) and Lilian for recording the minutes and to all the Branches who re-energise me with all their activities and enthusiasm.  For the most part I am having a great time and learning heaps through working with others, hence the theme for this Half-yearly conference - having fun and working together in co-operation and team work.


CWA of Victoria AGM & State Conference
Williamstown Hall

Here are some photos from the event:

Our lovely delegates and supporters of Fraser Group

Alida Helleren, Fraser Group President, giving her contribution to the Conference

General Resolution on Rental Assistance for women over 55 delivered at the Conference

Good attendance at the Conference


This blog has been made with the new and not-so-new member/s in mind.  The aim of the blog is to provide you with the following:
  • An overview of the CWA of Victoria and the Fraser Group in particular.
  • What is the Fraser Group made up of and what are the different branches doing.
We hope this information - in the About Us! - tab - will help new and prospective members to understand what the CWA is all about and to help not-so-new members to build on their success.

The Country Women's Association of Victoria Inc. (Association) is part of the largest women's organisation in Australia.  It is a non-party political and non-sectarian organisation for country and city women.  It aims to improve conditions by community service more especially as they affect the welfare of women and children.

Members work for the welfare of all women and children through representation of all levels of government, undertaking fundraising events, providing networking opportunities and teaching life skills.  The CWA is open to ALL women.


CWA Donation to Servants for Community Housing to assist Homeless Women

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc., (CWA) has member Branches all over Victoria including the Melbourne metropolitan area. CWA Fraser Group includes 9 Branches in the Boroondara, Whitehorse, Monash, Yarra, Stonnington and Port Phillip local areas.  These Branches have approximately 150 members that meet regularly, hold a range of member activities, advocate on issues of concern to women, children and families and support local organisations.

In 2017 CWA chose Homelessness as the Social Issue’s theme to focus activities and raise awareness amongst CWA members and the public.  Local CWA members heard from a range of speakers at its meetings, held fundraising activities and chose local organisations to support with donations and volunteering activities.

The Servants for Community Housing, a highly respected and long established organisation, came to speak to CWA members and outlined their plans to open a women’s only housing facility to add to the housing they already offered to homeless persons.

CWA members responded by voting at a Fraser Group meeting to donate $2,000 and with offers of goods and handmade crafts for the newly established accommodation for Homeless women.