Branches in the Fraser Group:
Currently in the Fraser Group - comprises 9 branches:

The ones that meet at night ...
3rd Tuesday of the month
2nd Tuesday of the month
1st Tuesday of the month
4th Thursday of the month
1st Thursday of the month
Pt. Phillip  
last Tuesday of the month.

The ones that meet during the day ...
2nd Friday of the month
Glen Waverley
3rd Thursday of the month
1st Tuesday of the month

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Or email Alida on: cwa.FraserGroup2@gmail.com.

The Fraser Group takes its name from Mrs Jessie Fraser who, after WWI, took great interest in welfare work assisting blinded solders.  She was the second State President of the CWA of Victoria and the first Metropolitan Group President and Honorary Organiser.

During the early days when the Association was still being established, Mrs. Fraser, as well as being involved in the office, travelled all over the state - through vineyards, orange groves, deserts, on bush tracks and during sandstorms, bringing the message of the CWA.

The CWA of Victoria Inc.
The CWA of Victoria Inc aims, through community service, to improve conditions more especially as they affect the welfare of our women and children.
  • Our focus is on providing opportunities for friendship, personal development, learning skills and providing advocacy in support of relevant social issues.
  • We are interested in all issues which affect women and their families, homes, local district, towns and state.
  • We encourage members to work for the protection of the environment, and to take an interest in the working of the Government at local, State and Federal levels.
  • We work for international projects and understanding through the Associated Country Women of the World.
Membership in our Organisation
This is open to all women in the State of Victoria and consenting border regions who are in sympathy with the objectives of the Association and pay an annual subscription to a branch of the Association.

The CWA first began in Australia in 1922 with the first branches formed in NSW and Qld.  In Victoria, the Association was formed in 1928.

In its formative years, the CWA of Victoria Inc. had many visionary women who travelled around the State attracting new members and starting branches.  Women wanted companionship and to learn new skills.