SNIPPETS (from ze Blogger ...)

I was going to make a brandy cake last Saturday.  But it ended up just a cake and I was tipsy ...


Cats get mousecream in a cone for Christmas!

Difference between an extrovert and an introvert:  an extrovert gets high as hundreds of people arrive at a function.  An introvert gets happier as they leave!


Sister's husband complained, one summer, of not having a hot dinner whenever he came home late from work.  2 nights later, the note on the kitchen table said his dinner was being kept warm ... as he took the salad out of the oven ... !! (Naughty).


What about the little dog who ate the scrabble tiles.  He's been leaving messages around the house for days!  Oh my wordy word!!


I thought anaphylactic was a girl's name.  I ran around the planet trying to find out how to spell her surname!  Er duh.


Every woman gets this ...
Running through a big busy department store in Sydney one day ...  sewing machine salesman shoves a microphone under my nose.  "Janome?"  

"No dear, you're a stranger!"

Sometimes you just can't voice your thoughts from your funny bone, but need to 'let them out' when the odd incident happens.  You have to acknowledge the humour.  One safe way to do this (at work) is through your computer password.  

Here are 3 of my favourites :
  1. Person accidentally spills their coffee on their desk - password - Uturkey!
  2. Need patience waiting for pay rise, promotion - password to the rescue - HelpmeOB1 
  3. Didn't get your fruit for the day.  No problem - password - thththth (cyber raspberry!!)  Repeat until you have reached your daily 'fruit' quota ...

Please send me your 'snippet' so I can load it up.

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